Tank Cleaning

Cleaning Services

With Premier’s experience in industrial tank cleaning we have the tools, expertise and the trained crews guaranteed to meet and exceed your highest expectations.

We offer the full range of cleaning services such as; confined space entry, high pressure washing, hydro blasting, waste transportation and disposal, spill response, environmental remediation and high-volume vacuum services.

We employ highly trained and experienced field service crews that specialize in all types of confined space entry and industrial cleaning scenarios.

When a Premier crew arrives at a job site, you can be assured they will arrive with a complete inventory of specialized tank cleaning equipment below:

* A Mobile tool room for storage of all storable equipment

* 5K PSI Heated Washers/5K PSI 480V Electric Washers/40K PSI Washers as needed

* A 1500 CFM High performance vacuum

* Water hoses, air hoses & 4” discharge hoses

* Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) * if required

* All safety equipment need for specific scenario

* An inventory of repair parts, gaskets, consumables items, etc.

Having the right equipment on the job insures it gets done the Premier way.