Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection

A surface inspection method

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging provides a quick and reliable measurement of the metal thickness without requiring access to both sides of a part.

The equipment operates at frequencies between 500 KHz and 100 MHZ, using piezoelectric transducers to generate bursts of sound waves when excited by electrical pulses. For meeting the various needs of industrial applications, a wide variety of transducers with various acoustic characteristics have been developed. Lower frequencies are used for optimizing penetration for measuring thick, highly attenuating, or highly scattering materials. Higher frequencies are suitable for thinner, non-attenuating, non-scattering materials.

The UT method gives accurate, error-checked, through-coating measurements using Multiple Echo technology that is used widely for industrial and shipping applications.


Olympus MG2XT Ulrasonic Thickness Unit


Non-destructive technique
Does not require access to both sides of the sample
Can be engineered to cope with coatings, linings, etc
Good accuracy (0.1 mm or better) can be achieved using standard timing techniques
Can be easily deployed, does not require laboratory conditions

Usually requires calibration for each material
Requires good contact with the material

Measurements from one side!
Ultrasonic thickness gauges make instant digital measurements by transmitting sound into a material from one side, making it unnecessary to cut the corroded area.

Lightweight and pocket-size
These handheld gages are small enough to fit in a toolbox or inside a pocket. They are ideal for quick inspections in hard-to-reach areas.

Intuitive, color-coded keypad
Technicians directly access many important measurement features for time-saving operation. Strategically located keys are grouped together by color for easy operation.

Large LCD with backlight
The large numerals make it easy to read thickness measurements. In addition, one can easily view the electroluminescent backlit display from total darkness to bright sunshine.