Rental Equipment

New for 2017!

Premier Worldwide, Inc. now offers a comprehensive rental fleet from light to heavy duty equipment to fit your project needs. We take great pride in our preventive maintenance program to reduce any possible down time from equipment failure.

Our rental equipment includes:

• 5K PSI 480 Volt Electric Pressure Washer

• 5K PSI Heated Diesel Pressure Washer

• 40K PSI Diesel Pressure Washer

• 1500 CFM 480 Volt Industrial Vacuum

• 8-Ton/160 Cu. Ft. Sand Blasting Pots (150psi – 4 outlet)

• 950 CFM Sand Blasting Aftercooler w/Coalescing Tank

• 725 Cu. Ft. Bulk Abrasive Storage Hopper

• Sand Blasting Hose/Hoods/Guns/Etc.

Whether you need a day, week, or month long rental, we offer competitive rates within the industry. Our highly experienced staff can assist you in selecting the right tool for the job.

All equipment is also available for purchase, please contact us for pricing.