Other Services

Offering complete testing & inspection solutions

At Premier Worldwide, Inc. we constantly endeavor to support and fulfill our customers’ varied testing and inspection needs and firmly believe in offering complete solutions. We are constantly working towards becoming a “one-stop shop” for world-class products and services. By virtue of our focus, core competencies, a committed team of professionals and our unremitting quest for perfection, we are fully geared to meet the challenges of the future.

We provide a diverse selection of inspection services in the following streams:

• Topside Inspection of Offshore installations
• Hull Surveys of Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers and drilling rigs (ESP, CAP)
• Special Periodic survey – SPS (DNV, ABS)
• Wall Thickness Measurement on all Plating
• UTM Plug installation and inspection on Pressure Vessels
• Hardness testing
• Mooring Chain Inspection (API 2I)
• Load Testing, Hoisting and Lifting Surveys
• Crane inspections
• Derrick inspection (API)
• DROPS – Dropped object Survey
• Jackup Leg Inspections & Weld Repairs
• Electrical EX Inspections within Derricks
• High Pressure & Low Pressure Pipeline Inspection
• Rig Air Pressure vessel Inspection
• On-stream Corrosion monitoring on Process Pipe work
• Drilling Handling Tools Inspection

We also carry Gates Hoses & Fittings that we can crimp in-house to your desired size.

Our expertise has enabled us to extend our services into other oil and gas related industries including but not limited to production, land based drilling operations, plant production/refining, shipyard construction and shipping industry. This enables us to provide a modern day inspection company designed to adapt to varying requirements from a wide range of clients.